Overview of the SMART IRB Process 

While the process will differ depending on each stakeholder's role in the process. Here is a link to a short video of the SMART IRB Review-Reliance process. Investigators can sign up to gain access for cooperative, multi-site studies to be reviewed under the agreement where SDSU is the reviewing IRB or is relying on another participating IRB for review.

Smart IRB Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Standard operating procedures (SOP) for establishing and implementing reliance provide clarity during the review and conduct of research using the SMART IRB Agreement. The SOP contains a searchable index for locating relevant information quickly. It outlines the responsibilities investigators and study teams, of the Reviewing IRB, the Relying IRB, and Points of Contact (POC) for the Reviewing and the Relying IRBs.

Checklist for Relying Investigators

SDSU investigators whose studies re reviewed at another IRB under the SMART IRB Agreement, can use a checklist to faciliate communication between the reviewing IRB study team, the relying IRB study team and the Points of Contact. 

Relying Investigator Checklist

Informed Consent Templates

Relying IRB sites should use the SDSU IRB Consent Document template. Sections that relying sites may revise are sections related to contact information, site specific costs to particpants if any, and injury/compensation statements. See the Instruction page on the template for more information. Template Language for specific risks can be located below.

Informed Consent Template

Informed Consent Template for Detained/Prisoner Subjects

Template Language for Specific Risks