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Technology transfer is the movement of innovative research ideas from the lab into the public sphere. At universities, the goal of tech transfer is to implement technology and creative works to maximize public benefit. At San Diego State University, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) strives to deploy the products of research to improve society and bolster the San Diego regional economy.

20-50 new inventions and creative works each year
Over $1 million in income in 2018-19
$148.5 million in grant funding in 2018-19

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Questions about technology transfer? Interested in licensing inventions or creative works produced through research at SDSU? Want to serve as an mentor to faculty entrepreneurs and startups? Contact the TTO.

Tommy Martindale, Director

Kyle Welch, Licensing Manager

Introducing the SDSU Founders Manual

SDSU Founders Manual

The SDSU Founders Manual is a guide to help faculty and student creators share their ideas with the world. For future startup founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and creative innovators, the SDSU Founders Manual is a great starting point to:

  • Find resources on campus to help with an idea.
  • Learn about the commercialization process.
  • Discover the community support available to creators.

The Founders Manual is available for download as a free .pdf below. 

Download the SDSU Founders Manual


Research Happening at SDSU

TraciAnn Hoglind, a researcher in the SDSU Laboratory for Language and Cognitive Neuroscience, demonstrates the EEG cap worn by study participants.

Similar Brain Glitch Found in Slips of Signing, Speaking

The discovery of a common neural mechanism in speech and sign errors – one that occurs in just 40 milliseconds – could improve recovery in deaf signers after a stroke.

Sunset over the ocean

Surf and Turf: Green New Deal Should Be a ‘Teal New Deal’

Incorporating the oceans into climate policy is essential, scientists say in a new paper.


 newscenter logoTuesday, May 12, 2020 Follow SDSU Follow SDSU on Twitter Follow SDSU on Facebook SDSU RSS Feed  Return to home Research  Exploratory research by SDSU viral ecologist Forest Rohwer's team and collaborators will look at how COVID-19 is spreading and mutating in the community.

Researchers Tracing How COVID-19 Spreads, Mutates in the Environment

Exploratory research will leverage SDSU's expertise in environmental virology to identify public areas where the virus may congregate and linger.