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Research helps undergraduates discover which subjects interest them as scholars, allows them to gain the critical skills necessary to enter graduate school or industry careers, and helps underscore the real-life applications of classroom teachings.

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Sabrina Davidson, Class of 2021

Sabrina, a studio art major, spearheaded an effort to create more visual representation for artists of color on SDSU's campus. In this mural, she paying homage to artists of color who have helped change the world of art and design

Katelyn Sileo

Nalani Coleman, Class of 2021

Nalani works in biochemist Christal Sohl’s lab, studying how an enzyme mutates and leads to cancer. Her work is supported by a research internship offered through the Partnership Scholars Program.
Elena Arroyo and Madison Kennedy

Jessica Embury , Class of 2021

Jessica, a geography major, has developed dynamic maps of coronavirus cases and resources that informed critical research and outreach efforts. "I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work on a project that is directly helping our local community," she said.