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148.5 Million in funding in fiscal 2019


Innovative. Interdisciplinary. Diverse.

We are one of top public research universities in the nation. Research at SDSU engages our students in education and provides discoveries, interventions and solutions that better the world. Our researchers are educators, scholars, humanitarians, scientists, engineers, health providers, creatives and students.


Understanding Urban Wildfire

Wildfires in the western U.S. are becoming more severe, and developing a deeper understanding of their impact is critical. Engineering professor Alicia Kinoshita studies how fire alters urban landscapes, contributes to erosion and flooding, and affects water quality.

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Planets in space

Landscaping the Jungle of Our Gut Microbiome

Virologists found that common foods such as honey, licorice, stevia and oregano have an antimicrobial effect that can help improve our health.

Scuba diver under water

Nurturing Future Cancer Researchers

SDSU's Partnership Scholars Program offers underrepresented students paid internships, training and exposure to cancer research.



Yong Yan

Astronomers Discover Two Double-Star Planetary Systems

The discoveries include the first circumbinary planet revealed by observations from NASA’s TESS mission, marking the start of a much better understanding of such systems.


Research at a glance 2019

312 principal investigators

23 Doctoral Programs

786 awards

Fostering the Next Generation of Researchers

Students are advancing critical public health research in the lab of environmental scientist Dr. Eunha Hoh, analyzing dangerous water contaminants, studying endangered species and examining the toxic affects of cigarette smoke.

"I want our students to be highly motivated for the basic improvement of society," Hoh says.

Stories from Hoh's Lab