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We are one of the top public research universities in the nation. Research, scholarship and creative activities engage students in hands-on education and lead to discoveries, interventions and solutions that improve communities and change the world.

2023 Funding $192.2 million

25 doctoral programs

1,740 undergrads involved in research

805 awards in 2023

Division of Research and Innovation

SDSU's Division of Research and Innovation amplifies and invests in transformative research, scholarship and creative activities. The Division manages several programs, services and initiatives to enable discovery, public impact and innovation.


Self-Driving Cars: The Next Computing Revolution

Autonomous vehicles rely on sophisticated technology to make decisions without direct human input. But is this technology safe? SDSU scientists and engineers are hopeful their research might soon allow computers to take the wheel.

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High-Impact Experiences

Involvement in entrepreneurship, student research, creative arts and student clubs transforms the college experience and helps students identify their passions. At SDSU, we encourage students to get a real taste of what it's like to be scholars in action.

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