148.5 Million in funding in fiscal 2019

Innovative. Interdisciplinary. Diverse.

We are one of top public research universities in the nation. Research at SDSU engages our students in education and provides discoveries, interventions and solutions that better the world. Our researchers are educators, scholars, humanitarians, scientists, engineers, health providers, creatives and students.

Major Iniatives

Unraveling the Mysteries of Spider Silk

Chemist Gregory Holland seeks to learn as much as possible about spider silk, a material tougher than bulletproof vests and stronger than the steel used in airplanes, so he can help develop a sysnthesized version just as hardy as the natural phenomenon.

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Research Spotlight

Planets in space

'Death Star' Bacterium Key to Drug Delivery Tool

Researchers discovered that pesky tubeworms stuck to the bottom of shipping boats and Navy vessels shed light on how to develop a novel way of delivering therapeutic drugs in humans.

Scuba diver under water

Climate Change, Conservation and Conflict: Research Abroad

Dozens of faculty conduct research abroad each year in far-flung locations that range from the Arctic tundra to the forests of Indonesia to the remote islands of Fiji.

Yong Yan

Researcher Leads $3.3M Autism Intervention Study

An SDSU researcher is working to ensure parents of autistic toddlers have the tools they need to provide effective interventions themselves.


Research at a glance 2019

312 principal investigators

23 Doctoral Programs

786 awards

Fueling Critical Research and Inspiring Students

SDSU students and faculty are advancing critical wildfire, water and flora research at Alvarado Creek, a tributary of the San Diego River just steps from campus.

"We call it an outdoor laboratory," says engineer Alicia Kinoshita. "You have to learn to think on your feet a little bit."

SDSU's Outdoor Lab

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