We can help you find funding

Before you can even begin writing a proposal, you have to know what resources are available to you. San Diego State University has several internal funding opportunities, as well as access to databases full of local, national, and international opportunities. We also offer training on how to find funding.


Faculty Funding

SDSU provides extensive training on how to find research funds. The university also offers internal funding opportunities, as well as access to national and global databases of funding resources.

  • The University Grants Program (UGP) aims to assist faculty in their career and research goals. Awards are limited to $10,000 and awarded for an 18-month period. 
  • SDSU offers its employees access to two major databases of potential funding, including SPIN (the world's largest database of sponsored funding opportunities) and Pivot (a comprehensive global source of information). Learn more about faculty funding
  • Attend a SDSU Find Funding Workshop. Also, consider signing up for the Weekly Bulletin from the SDSU Research Foundation, which informs recipients of field-specific funding opportunities. Sign up here.
  • The Grants and Research Enterprise Writing Fellowship includes a stipend for grant writing efforts, as well as travel funding to meet with funding agency representatives for select fellows. 
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Graduate Student Funding

Many of our largest internal funding opportunities require a faculty member to nominate an exceptional and deserving graduate student. We also encourage students to apply for funding from national funding agencies within their field.

  • The University Graduate Fellowship supports up to 30 graduate fellows with an annual stipend of $25,000, plus benefits. Accompanying support from an external funding source is required to receive this fellowship. Learn more about the University Graduate Fellowship.
  • The Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship is for non-resident graduate students who demonstrate outstanding potential for achievement. Recipients must be nominated by advisors. Learn more about the Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship
  • The CSU Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program provides student loans to doctoral students who show promise of teaching within the CSU system, as well as loan forgiveness to those who obtain a CSU instructional position.  SDSU Graduate Affairs holds workshops for interested students. Learn more from Graduate Affairs.
  • There are many internal and external options for graduate student funding, several of which students can apply to directly. You can find a full list here
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Undergraduate Student Funding

For an undergraduate to receive research funding they almost always need a faculty mentor to help them with their research proposal and oversee their work. Learn how to find a mentor.  Additionally, SDSU undergraduates from underrepresented backgrounds have a handful of research-related scholarships available to them.

Explore more undergraduate funding options.

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