Grants Research and Enterprise Writing Fellowship

Jeremy Long

Former GREW fellow Jeremy Long researches relationships between plants and their herbivores, and how these interactions shape ecosystems.

What is GREW?

The Grants Research and Enterprise Writing (GREW) fellowship teaches early-career faculty members how to communicate effectively with grant officers, develop successful proposals and share their research with media and other stakeholders. The program began in 2014.

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Benefits of participating

In addition to learning a lot about successful proposal development, fellows receive a $3,000 stipend and many have participated in trips to Washington, D.C. to visit major funding organizations and meet grant officers face-to-face. Plus, fellows have a much higher proposal approval rate than the national average.

Key lessons

  • How to write effective funding requests
  • How to communicate and pitch themselves to a variety of audiences
  • How to research funding opportunities
  • How to build relationships with collaborators and influential program officers
  • How to work with the media

How to apply

Contact John McMillian and/or Nadia Campbell, directors of research advancement at SDSU. GREW occurs two to three times a year and cohorts are generally kept small. Space is limited.

Measures of success 

The GREW Fellowship program is in its 8th year of supporting new faculty in the development of their research programs. Of the 166 faculty who have participated to date, 81% have submitted at least one research proposal. Grew Fellows submitted 315 proposals in FY 20-21, bringing the total number of proposals submitted to 1,293. In FY 20-21 GREW Fellows received 93 awards totaling $16.9M, generating $4M in F&A. This brings the total number of awards to 497,  generating $65.3M in research funding and $14.6M in F&A since its inception in 2014. 


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