Steps to IRB Proposal Submission

  1. Request an InfoEd Account
  2. Take CITI training –CITI Training must be completed by all study members prior to submitting your research proposal to the IRB.
    1. Training and instructions on how to set your learning curriculum are found at:
  3. Develop your research plan and write your consent form and any other supporting documents such as recruitment flyers, emails, or scripts and questionnaires or surveys.
    1. Consent and assent form templates are found at:
    2. While the HRPP office does not have templates for research recruitment flyers, emails, or scripts, information on what to include in research recruitment advertisements may be found in the Human Research Program (HRPP) Standards and Practices found at the link below under SDSU IRB Policies and Procedures.
  4. Submit your research proposal to the IRB via InfoEd at  Videos on How to submit a proposal via InfoEd are found at:

SDSU IRB Policies and Procedures

SDSU IRB Standard Operating Procedures: Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Standards and Practices

SDSU Sensitive Data Storage Information 

Data Storage Matrix and Information

Zoom Video Conferencing Best Practices

Information about recording on the cloud and Zoom may be found here.

Note that if you are using the HIPAA compliant version of Zoom this option is disabled. 

For data security purposes and participant privacy, after transcriptions of cloud recordings, the transcription should be downloaded locally on to your computer, and then moved to the SDSU Google drive. Finally, recordings saved on the Zoom cloud must be deleted.  Research proposals must be clear and fully discribe this when using the transcription services in Zoom. 


Data in Qualtrics is not automatically anonymous. The default settings in Qualtrics must be changed. Here's how to change the default settings. How to Anonymize Data Collected In Qualtrics

CSU Record Retention Requirements

How Long do you keep your records? See: CSU Records and Information Retention Schedule

Cancer Relevant Studies - Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC)

Request ePRMC Account

PRMC Decision Tree

PRMC Review Chart

 ePRMC Users Manual