2024 S3 Judge and Moderator Sign-Ups

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Moderator slots are full at this time. Thank you!

Information for judges and moderators


Once you sign up, you'll will receive an email closer to the event with your session(s) and more information. If you have any changes, questions, or want to confirm your session(s) prior to that email, please email [email protected].

We will host a Q&A for judges and moderators on February 23rd & 26th. The link will be provided in your confirmation email closer to the event. 

The judging is designed to identify winners for a President, Provost or Dean’s award.  Select award winners are sent to represent SDSU at the CSU state-wide competition.

We encourage faculty and staff to participate in the event as judges and/or moderators. The success of the S3 is realized when the entire SDSU campus community comes together for two days to demonstrate their commitment, investment, and enthusiasm. We are hopeful that faculty and staff will take the time to participate as a judge or moderator and support our students as they showcase their achievements. 


There will be 2 Zoom sessions for judge and moderator Q&A in February 2024.

Feb 23rd (3:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.)  https://sdsu.zoom.us/j/86763424240#success

Feb 26th (12:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.)  https://sdsu.zoom.us/j/86574631269#success

Please Note: Faculty members cannot judge and score their mentee's presentation(s). This presents a conflict of interest and scores from faculty mentors will not be included in the final scoring summary from the other judges.

S3 (formerly SRS) Judges Hall of Fame

Thank you to all who volunteer to judge, especially those who have done so at least six of the past nine years.

Nine out of the past nine years:

Kangoh Lee
Sandra Wawrytko

Eight out of the past nine years:

Steve Barbone
Luciano Demasi
Delores Fisher
Jerome Gilles
Carmelo Interlando
Gur Windmiller

Seven out of the past nine years:

Linda Abarbanell
Alyson Abel
Richard Brandt
Andrew Cooksy
Charles Dintrone
Antoinette Domingo
Patricia Geist-Martin
Alicia Kinoshita
Changqi Liu
Ksenija Marinkovic
Kathleen McGuire
Eileen Moore
Rick Sayen
Emilio Ulloa
Esteban Vazquez-Hidalgo

Six out of the past nine years:

Barbara Bailey
Cathie Atkins
Clare Colquitt
David Ely
Patricia Gordon
Christopher Harrison
Dale Hull
Susan Kaiser
Parag Katira
Jochen Kressler
Sandra Nordahl
Dave Pullman
Mark Reed
Reza Sabzehgar
Diane Smith
Peter van der Geer
Stephen Welter
George Youssef