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We've got some of the best students, faculty, and support programs. We've highlighted just a few of them here so you can learn more about the San Diego State University stakeholders involved in research and the programs that help support them.

Student Spotlight

Chase Whittaker

Sati Alexander, Class of 2020

Sati has worked at two labs while a biology major at SDSU, first in a lab focused on immuno-oncology research at the University of California, San Diego, and then with SDSU cancer researcher Christal Sohl, where she studies enzymes present in lung cancer. She hopes to go to graduate school and become a cancer researcher.

Katelyn Sileo

Maia Little, Class of 2020

Working under mentor and biology professor Luke Miller, Maia manipulated tidepool environments in Bodega Bay during a summer research project. She studied how climate change and future ocean conditions might impact tidepool habitats and the animals and algae that depend on them.

Elena Arroyo and Madison Kennedy

Lorelay Mendoza, Class of 2019

Lorelay came to SDSU as a transfer student and quickly got involved in environmental engineering professor Natalie Mlandenov's lab, studying urban watersheds. In 2019, she graduated from SDSU, received a Fulbright Fellowship and was awarded a National Science Foundation fellowship to Stanford University, where she is pursuing her Ph.D. 

Research Abroad

Summer Research

Around the World

SDSU faculty travel the globe to conduct critical fieldwork in countries like Vietnam, South Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France and elsewhere. Follow along with our series:

FACULTYMore Faculty

Tracy Love-Geffen

College of Health and Human Services

Dr. Love-Geffen is the director of the School of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. She studies language processing in language impaired and language unimpaired children and adults.

Gustaaf Jacobs

College of Engineering

Dr. Jacobs is a professor of aerospace engineering who studies how air and water particles interact with everyday life and with vehicles and aircraft in motion.

Bongsik Shin

Fowler College of Business

Dr. Shin is professor of management information systems at the Fowler College of Business. His research concerns cybersecurity and he works with the U.S. Navy.



Summer Undergraduate Research Program

SDSU funds around 60 undergraduates each year to work on research during the summer with a faculty mentor. Learn more about the summer program.


Maximizing Access to Research Careers

SDSU is nurturing a diverse array of undergraduates' research ambitions through institutional programs like MARC, which has helped dozens of students receive the training and experience they need to get prestigous fellowships to graduate school.


Grants and Research Enterprise Writing Fellowship

SDSU has a coveted competitive program that teaches faculty how to be successful research grant writers. Lean more about GREW and how the program helps our faculty net millions in funding.


TraciAnn Hoglind, a researcher in the SDSU Laboratory for Language and Cognitive Neuroscience, demonstrates the EEG cap worn by study participants.

Similar Brain Glitch Found in Slips of Signing, Speaking

The discovery of a common neural mechanism in speech and sign errors – one that occurs in just 40 milliseconds – could improve recovery in deaf signers after a stroke.

Sunset over the ocean

Surf and Turf: Green New Deal Should Be a ‘Teal New Deal’

Incorporating the oceans into climate policy is essential, scientists say in a new paper.


 newscenter logoTuesday, May 12, 2020 Follow SDSU Follow SDSU on Twitter Follow SDSU on Facebook SDSU RSS Feed  Return to home Research  Exploratory research by SDSU viral ecologist Forest Rohwer's team and collaborators will look at how COVID-19 is spreading and mutating in the community.

Researchers Tracing How COVID-19 Spreads, Mutates in the Environment

Exploratory research will leverage SDSU's expertise in environmental virology to identify public areas where the virus may congregate and linger.