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We've got some of the best students, faculty, and support programs. We've highlighted just a few of them here so you can learn more about the San Diego State University stakeholders involved in research and the programs that help support them.

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Larry Herzog

Larry Herzog

School of Public Affairs

Dr. Herzog is recognized internationally for his research, teaching, and consultant work on urban planning and environmental policy solutions along the U.S.-Mexico border. His prolific output includes 10 books and 100+ journal articles. 

Huma Ghosh

Huma Ghosh

College of Arts and Letters

Dr. Ghosh has shaped the emerging global field of research on the lives of Muslim women. She recently received a prestigious Fulbright award to study the effects of religious tensions on young adults in India. 

Satish Kumar Sharma

Satish Kumar Sharma

College of Engineering

Dr. Sharma established an Antenna and Microwave Research Lab with industry support and developed seven new engineering courses. He received a prestigious IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society award for his research.



Chase Whittaker

Chase Whittaker, Class of 2018

Chase majored in political science and public health. During his time as an undergraduate he conducted research in Zambia and subsequently set up a nonprofit to benefit under-served communities there and elsewhere. Learn more about Chase.

Katelyn Sileo

Katelyn Sileo, Ph.D.

Katy is a 2017-18 public health doctoral graduate who spent a year conducting dissertation research in Uganda, looking at HIV in fishing communities. She is now a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University. Learn more about Katy.

Elena Arroyo and Madison Kennedy

Elena Arroyo and Madison Kennedy, Class of 2018

Elena and Madison took STEM seriously and spent much of college in the research lab. They are now both entering the biological physics, structure and design Ph.D. program at the University of Washington. Learn more about Elena and Madison.




Summer Undergraduate Research Program

SDSU funds undergraduates to work on research during the summer. Learn more about undergraduate research.


Maximizing Access to Research Careers

SDSU is nurturing a diverse array of undergraduates' research ambitions through several institutional programs. Read the NewsCenter story to learn more about MARC or visit MARC's webpage.


Grants and Research Enterprise Writing Fellowship

SDSU has a program that teaches faculty how to be successful research grant writers. Read the NewsCenter story to learn more about GREW or visit GREW's webpage.



Satellite in space

Collaboration Advances Computer Science

A reimagined doctoral program trains students to work across teams and disciplines to solve the world's most pressing problems.

Two hands performing sign language

Fewer Women Directing Top Films

A widely cited report from SDSU's Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film found that just 1 percent of films employed 10 or more women in key behind-the-scenes roles.

People on a raft in the San Diego River

Major Archival Research Details Detainee Experience

Researchers are digitizing letters from asylum seekers detained along the border and developing a report cataloging accounts of mistreatment.