Thais Alves

College of Engineering

Dr. Alves is a professor of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering whose research centers on lean construction, which aims to minimize waste and maximize value in the construction process. 

Chamu Sundaramurthy

College of Business

Dr. Sundaramurthy is a professor of Management whose research centers on the governance of large public companies, entrepreneurial and family businesses, and social enterprises. 

Marjorie F. Olney

College of Education

Dr. Olney is a professor of Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education whose work looks at improving employment opportunities for individuals with psychiatric and developmental disabilities.


Carol Mackersie

College of Health & Human Services

Dr. Mackersie is a professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences who studies perceptual consequences of hearing loss and hearing amplification.

Denitsa Bliznakova

College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts

Dr. Bliznakova leads the Design and Technology Program in the School of Theatre, Television and Film. Her work has been seen in theaters accross the nation.

Robert Zeller

College of Sciences

Dr. Robert Zeller is a professor of Biology whose research looks at development of the central and peripheral nervous systems in marine organisms.


Kurt Lindemann

College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts

Dr. Linderman is a professor of communication who studies communicative performances of identity in organizational and mediated contexts, with a focus on gender in sport.

Rebecca Lewison

College of Sciences

Dr. Lewison is a professor of biology whose research focuses on vulnerable wildlife populations that live in both terrestrial and aquatic environments and face pressing conservation issues.

Norma Iglesias-Prieto

College of Arts & Letters

Dr. Iglesias-Prieto is a professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies whose scholarship draws on the creativity potential as a mechanism to resist oppression and express human dignity, as well as on the role of the arts in the reconfiguration of the social fabric.


C. Janie Chang

College of Business

Dr. Chang is a professor of accountancy who studies cross-cultural issues that impact professional judgments and decisions made by auditors.

Allen Plotkin

College of Engineering

Dr. Plotkin is a professor of engineering who studies the blending of analytical and computational techniques to solve flow problems, including fluid jets, airfoil and hydrofoil theory, ground effect, separation and vortex modeling..

Mark Reed

College of Health & Human Services

Dr. Reed is a professor of social work whose research focuses on alcohol use etiology and prevention..

Lisa Lamb

College of Education

Dr. Lamb is a professor of mathematics education who studies K-12 students' conceptions of math, helped write the specific concentration for K-8 math education and co-founded the Aztec Science Camp.

Georg Matt

College of Sciences

Dr. Matt is a professor of psychology who studies human exposure to tobacco smoke toxicants and evaluates policies aimed at protecting nonsmokers from their harmful effects.

Ronald King

College of Arts & Letters

Dr. King is a professor of political science who has authored four books, including major studies of U.S. taxation policy and welfare entitlements.

Tracy Love-Geffen

College of Health and Human Services

Dr. Love-Geffen is the director of the School of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. She studies language processing in language impaired and language unimpaired children and adults.

Gustaaf Jacobs

College of Engineering

Dr. Jacobs is a professor of aerospace engineering who studies how air and water particles interact with everyday life and with vehicles and aircraft in motion.

Bongsik Shin

Fowler College of Business

Dr. Shin is professor of management information systems at the Fowler College of Business. His research concerns cybersecurity and he works with the U.S. Navy.

Randy Reinholz

College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts

Dr. Reinholz is a professor of theatre, television and film and the founder of Native Voices, a Los Angeles theater company that produces new work by indigenous playwrights.

Piotr Jankowski

College of Arts and Letters

Dr. Jankowski has authored two books, 78 articles, and 25 book chapters. His research spans subfields of geography, computer science and planning. He recently received a Fulbright Scholar Award to examine the impact of Geographic Information Systems in urban planning issues in Poland.

Thomas Rockwell

College of Sciences

Dr. Rockwell has been teaching at SDSU since 1983. He is a widely quoted expert on earthquakes and tectonic activity in Southern California and has developed an internationally recognized research program. He is a member of the board of directors of the Southern California Earthquake Center. 

Bey-Ling Sha

College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts

Dr. Sha is director of the School of Journalism and Media Studies and co-author of an internationally recognized public relations textbook. She is also editor of the Journal of Public Relations Research.

Murray Jennex

Fowler College of Business

Dr. Jennex is an expert in cybersecurity and has been recognized for research that determined how human traffickers were using a series of emojis as code in online classified ads.

Nancy Frey

College of Education

Dr. Frey is a prolific researcher and co-author of 40-plus books. She has mentored many doctoral students in educational leadership and secured more than $1 million in grants to support the study of educational issues.

Hala Madanat

College of Health and Human Services

As director of the School of Public Health, Dr. Madanat has strengthened critical relationships with the San Diego County Department of Health and Human Services and other local partners. For example, she worked with a leading Tijuana-based university, UABC, to develop a research-based “Obesity on the Border” course for students.

Chris Rasmussen

College of Sciences

Dr. Rasmussen is a partner in SDSU’s Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education. A recipient of National Science Foundation funding for research into improving student success in calculus, he was a co-organizer of two conferences on transforming research in undergraduate STEM education. He also serves on a conference board of the National Academy of Sciences’ National Commission on Mathematical Instruction.

Larry Verity

College of Health and Human Services

Dr. Verity has developed curriculum for, and taught in, SDSU’s School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences while serving as chair on more than 65 master’s thesis committees. His efforts have resulted in millions of dollars of grant funding to SDSU from the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institute of Aging and other external organizations.

Larry Herzog

School of Public Affairs

Dr. Herzog is recognized internationally for his research, teaching, and consultant work on urban planning and environmental policy solutions along the U.S.-Mexico border. His prolific output includes 10 books and 100+ journal articles. 

Huma Ghosh

College of Arts and Letters

Dr. Ghosh has shaped the emerging global field of research on the lives of Muslim women. She recently received a prestigious Fulbright award to study the effects of religious tensions on young adults in India. 

Satish Kumar Sharma

College of Engineering

Dr. Sharma established an Antenna and Microwave Research Lab with industry support and developed seven new engineering courses. He received a prestigious IEEE Antenna and Propagation Society award for his research. 

Martina Musteen

Fowler College of Business

Dr. Musteen is faculty director for the SDSU Center for International Business and Education Research (CIBER), through which she received a $1.1 million grant to support faculty research, student internships and study abroad programs. She is senior editor for the Journal of World Business and leads an interdisciplinary, cross-campus project to examine patterns in the internationalization of Fortune 1000 companies.

Douglas Fisher

College of Education

Dr. Fisher is chair of the Department of Educational Leadership. He received the Farmer Award in 2014 from the National Council of Teachers of English Leadership and is the incumbent president of the International Literacy Association. His commitment to community service is evidenced by his role in establishing several health sciences-focused charter schools in San Diego.

 Erica Forsberg

College of Sciences

Chemistry professor Erica Forsberg's “gut reaction” lab studies how the beneficial bacteria in our guts produce compounds that alter how we feel and how our brains function. She plans to expand this research by looking at how diets, drugs or disease alter how gut bacteria affect neurological health.