Conflict of Interest

The Conflict of Interest policies of the University serve as a guide to faculty and other employees with principal responsibility for research projects conducted at San Diego State University. The policies also establish procedures for compliance with State and Federal requirements for review and oversight of research.

The Conflict of Interest Committee evaluates research when an investigator discloses a significant financial interest that may influence his/her institutional responsibilities or the conduct of the research activity. The Committee determines what, if any, conditions or restrictions should be imposed on the investigator or research protocol in order to manage, reduce or eliminate such conflicts of interest.

Enroll in Conflict of Interest Training

  1. Go to: CITI
  2. Click "Log in"
  3. Click "Log in Through My Organization"
  4. Find "San Diego State University"
  5. Add a Course
  6. Select Question 5 - Conflict of Interest
  7. More information on enrollment

CA 700-U Form

SDSU Addendum to Financial Interest Disclosure Statement

 For more information you can visit the Conflict of Interest Sharepoint site.