Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

San Diego State University (SDSU) is committed to ensuring the humane care and use of all vertebrate animals associated with its research and teaching programs. Federal laws and policies, such as the federal Animal Welfare Act, regulate the use of animals in teaching and research. The IACUC is housed within the Division of Research Affairs. The Vice President for Research is the "Institutional Official" responsible for the program. The program assists the institution and research community in complying with its federal assurance and various policies for the use of vertebrate animals in research and teaching.

The SDSU IACUC is a committee of the University Research Council (URC) and includes the attending veterinarian, scientists, and community representatives as members. SDSU’s IACUC ensures that all research, testing or educational instruction involving animals is conducted in a humane manner using the fewest number of animals possible to obtain valid results.

  • USDA Registration Number 93-R-0425
  • PHS Assurance Number 16-00430 
 Information on methods and sources available to reduce, refine or replace animals used in teaching, testing, and research. The goal is the minimization of animal pain and distress via the consideration of alternatives and alternative methods. Alternatives to Animal Use and Testing

Concerns regarding animal care and use may be made anonymously. 

The IACUC reviews and, if warranted, investigates concerns involving the care and use of animals resulting from reports of noncompliance reported by research and facility personnel or by public complaints.

The IACUC encourages prompt (within 24 hours) reporting of concerns related to animal welfare.  Allegations should be detailed and specific, and be accompanied by supporting documentation when possible, to allow for a thorough investigation. All reported concerns are reviewed regardless of how they are received.

Reports may be submitted via the following link: or by email to  [email protected]

 SDSU Handling and Reporting of Concerns