Coronavirus Information Updates from the Division of Research and Innovation

Last updated 1/25


Jan. 29, 2021 at 2 p.m.

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Research team will discuss updates, COVID-19 challenges and respond to questions.

DRI is working closely with SDSU, the SDSU Research Foundation, Environmental Health and Safety and other university units to monitor and respond to coronavirus (COVID-19) developments and provide appropriate guidance as related to research endeavors.

Visit SDSU’s central coronavirus website, which is the central repository for information and updates related to SDSU’s preparedness, guidance and decisions related to COVID-19. 

It is imperative that all research personnel carefully abide by the health and safety requirements, and understand their behavior outside of the research group could have an impact on the continuitof their research and the work of the entire research group.

Information specific to researchers and graduate students is provided below. Please post COVID-19 related research questions to [email protected].



Spring 2021 update for in-person research, scholarship, community service and creative activities at all SDSU, SDSURF, and Field Research, informed by guidance from San Diego County Health & Human Services:*

  • No in-person research by freshmen, sophomores.
  • No in-person research by volunteers.*
  • Juniors or seniors who are either enrolled in research credit or paid as research employees may continue in-person work on approved, critical research projects.
  • Graduate students may continue to work on approved, critical research projects.
  • Replacement of approved student and staff positions is allowed as long as the net number of researchers in the approved space is not increased relative to the approved density.**

*Criteria will be continuously evaluated and modified based on the public health status of both the SDSU and regional communities, including availability of COVID-19 vaccines for university faculty, staff, and students.

**Very rare exceptions will be considered if there is a compelling reason why an exception is essential to avoid disruption of the research project and the requested exception would not incur a health and safety challenge. A request for an exception should be sent to [email protected] The request should explain why the exception is needed and describe any procedures that will be put in place to provide for the health and safety of the additional personnel and other university personnel.

Given the current surge of COVID-19 cases in our region, it is imperative to carefully abide by all of the health and safety requirements, and to impress on all personnel that their behavior outside of the research group could prevent continuation of both their research and that of the entire group.



As a reminder, the following precautions remain in place:

  • All research activities that can be done at home should continue to be done at home (including planning experiments, evaluating data, reading, and meetings with other researchers).
  • All additional personnel must complete the Personnel Agreement form prior to approval for in-person research.
  • Continuation of face-to-face research with human subjects that has been approved by the IRB also requires consent of the Vice President for Research & Innovation.
  • Research personnel must follow all public health criteria. This includes:  physical distancing (no more than one person per 250 sf in shared rooms), face coverings at all times while on campus including in research spaces, hand hygiene, and disinfection.
  • All personnel must be screened for COVID-19 symptoms prior to attending work each day.
  • All students must be tested for COVID-19 every other week. Research Leaders must check for university clearance on Webportal prior to each work shift. Although not required for employees who are not students, we encourage all personnel to be tested every other week at a free, County testing Center.
  • REPORT any positive COVID-19 incident to the university using the Case Reporting Form. If the individual is an SDSU Research Foundation employee, they must also inform their HR business partner and report using the SDSURF Case Reporting Form . Infected individuals must immediately stop participating in research and remain home. 

Please see below for links to the current Additional Personnel Form, Personnel Agreement Form, COVID-19 Screening Form, and other information.



Approval for restarting research:

Current Research Restrictions and Guidelines

Re-populating Faculty and Graduate Students: Framework for Restarting Research - latest version (v3.1)

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Restart Research Project Approval Form

Personnel Agreement Form


Guidance for Human Subjects Research

Research Leader Planning List

Startup Assessment

Instructions for Checking Student Testing Status


Approval for additional personnel and space:

Research Restart Additions Workflow

Additional Personnel Application

Additional Spaces Application


Resources for restarting research:

Scheduling Template

COVID-19 Return to Work Training and Agreement for Research and Scholarly Activities

COVID-19 Screening Form

SDSU COVID-19 Case Alert Protocol

Access to Safety Supplies

COVID-19 Cleaning Guidelines for Laboratories



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