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We are one of the top 100 public research universities in the nation, and growing each year.  We see research as a way to engage our students in education and a way to better the world. Our researchers are educators, scholars, humanitarians, scientists, creatives, and students. We work here in San Diego and throughout five of the continents.


Student Research

We encourage our undergraduates to get involved in research. These opportunities help students discover which subjects interest them as scholars, allow them to gain the critical skills necessary to enter graduate school, and underscore the real-life applications of classroom teachings. 

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Research Spotlight

Satellite in space

Saving the Coastal California Condor

Condors living along the coast are struggling with reproduction. SDSU researchers are partnering with the San Diego Zoo to change that.

Two hands performing sign language

Research Seeks Treatment for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

A psychology professor tries to understand how a nutrient can improve memory and reverse the affects of alcohol on the young brain.

People on a raft in the San Diego River

Stewards of the San Diego River

SDSU researchers are teaming up to protect the health of the river and mitigate flooding.


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SDSU Research in the News  

Researchers break secret emoji language used by sex traffickers to exploit victims
HBO's Vice News looks at one-of-a-kind research by two SDSU faculty that decodes sex traffickers' secret language.

Lie-detecting computer kiosks equipped with AI look like the future of border security
CNBC examines a virtual border agent developed by SDSU researcher Aaron Elkins that interviews travelers at airports and border crossings and detects deception.

Are Today's Teenagers Smarter and Better Than We Think?
The New York Times considers a study by Jean Twenge, SDSU psychology professor, that found a decline in a number of adult activities among today's teens.

U.S. film festivals screen more films from men than women
Variety looks at a study published by SDSU researchers that found 85 percent of films screened at film festivals had no female cinematographers.

San Diego's scientists span the globe to unearth new discoveries, solve deepest mysteries
The San Diego Union-Tribune highlights local scientists and their summer research projects, including several SDSU professors whose work ranges from earthquakes to microbial ecology.