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Technology transfer is the movement of innovative research ideas from the lab into the public sphere. At universities, the goal of tech transfer is to implement technology and creative works to maximize public benefit. At San Diego State University, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) strives to deploy the products of research to improve society and bolster the San Diego regional economy.

Between 25-50 disclosures of inventions and creative works every year

Over $4 million in royalties received since FY 2010

$135 million in research expenditures in 2017-18

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Questions about technology transfer? Want to learn more about inventions at San Diego State University? Want to support SDSU faculty startups? Interested in licensing SDSU creative works? Contact the TTO. 

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Research Happening at SDSU

Satellite in space

$20M Award Supports Regional Health Disparities Research

The National Institutes of Health award is one of the largest in university history. It will create the SDSU HealthLINK Center.

Two hands performing sign language

Strengthening Military Cybersecurity

Professors are working with the U.S. Navy to design a platform that evaluates assets, discovers vulnerabilities and uncovers threats.

People on a raft in the San Diego River

What Makes Spider Silk so Strong?

Researchers are studying the Black Widow's fiber-spinning process with an eye toward creating an artificial version.