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List of 2018 Projects

Research opportunities help students discover which subjects interest them as scholars, allow students to gain the critical skills necessary to enter graduate school, and help underscore the real-life applications of classroom teachings. 

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program supports student participation in undergraduate research, scholarship, creative, and performance activities.  Students work alongside faculty throughout an eight- to 10-week period and are supported financially by SDSU.

Interested participants

Priority will be given to projects that describe a rich research/creative experience for the participating student.  In particular, an undergraduate student (or, in rare cases, two students) should be recruited to participate in the faculty’s research/creative efforts.  The program is scheduled to run from May to August within a calendar year.

Students shall be required to submit an end-of-project report, approved by the faculty mentor, which summarizes the research/creative project and student activities.  The expectation is that the student will present a paper/poster or a performance activity at the Student Research Symposium in the spring of the following calendar year, if deemed ready by the faculty member.

How to apply


The 2-to-3 page proposal should include the following:

  • A discussion of the faculty member’s research/creative effort
  • A description of the role of the undergraduate student - how will he/she contribute to/participate in the research/creative project.  It is preferable that a specific student be identified in the proposal.
  • An outline of student training or mentoring plan
  • Budget, not to exceed $3,000, of which at least $2,000 will be for student salary (see below)


  • Tenure/Tenure Track faculty
  • All undergraduate students.  Student must be eligible to participate in SRS in Spring 2019 (undergraduates through Spring 2019).


Support will be provided for the following expenses not to exceed $3,000:

  • Student salary of at least $2,000 for the summer (students are expected to work 20 hrs./week)
  • Supplies and equipment related to the research/creative project
  • Student travel to conduct survey research or related activities – not travel for conferences
  • Specialized data analysis software, digital recorders and exhibition materials

This program is supported by SDSU operation funds, rather than a Research Foundation program.  All expenses will need to follow guidelines for expenditure of university operating funds.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

  • 20 points – Description of research/creative activities that student will participate in
  • 35 points – Role of the undergraduate student – how s/he will contribute, the skills s/he will gain, and a brief description of the student’s background
  • 35 points – Student mentoring/training plan to gain new skills
  • 10 points – Use of funds

It is expected that between 60-70 awards, with a maximum budget of $3,000, will be made.  Priority will be given to projects that support one student.  All purchases must be made in accordance with SDSU and CSU policies and in accordance with the approved budget.  A detailed expense template for the final report and additional guidelines will be provided to awardees.


Please contact Lisa Kath ([email protected]) or if you have any questions or desire additional information.