COVID-19 Research Bulletin
February 23, 2021

Research Repopulation Requests

There is now an easy one-stop process for research repopulation requests related to changes in personnel.

The new OnBase form will streamline the application process by auto-filling key information about personnel; simplify the review process by auto-routing to reviewers; send automated responses to applicants about the approval process; and share information with the COVID-19 testing database to ensure that all students are enrolled in the required testing every 14 days.

(Coming soon: OnBase capability for requesting approval for new research processes.)

How to access and use OnBase forms


Upcoming Research Town Hall

Mark your calendars for March 12 at 3 p.m. The Division of Research and Innovation is holding its second town hall of the spring semester to discuss COVID-19 updates and research related issues and opportunities. The Zoom link will be in an upcoming bulletin.


Research Safety Guidance

The latest and most up-to-date safety guidance is posted to the Division of Research and Innovation coronavirus updates page. This criteria applies to in-person research, scholarship, community service and creative activities at all SDSU, SDSURF, and field research sites. Please review the criteria and make sure your project is in compliance.

Review updated guidance


Ensure Testing Compliance

All student researchers must be tested for COVID-19 every other week. Research leaders must check WebPortal to ensure students have received university clearance prior to each work shift. You must be logged into your SDSU account to view the instructions.

Instructions on how to check student testing status.


Report COVID-19 Cases

If you or someone involved in your project has tested positive for COVID-19, you must ensure the university is informed.

Ask the individual to fill out SDSU's reporting form. To ensure reporting is completed and Student Health Services is aware, the research leader must also submit this form. If the individual is an SDSU Research Foundation employee, they should also complete the COVID-19 Reporting Form for SDSURF Employees. The affected employee must also immediately stop participating in research.

SDSU Reporting Form

SDSU Research Foundation Reporting Form


County Corner

Latest data on San Diego County COVID-19 cases (updated daily at 5 p.m.)

SDSU Joins Nationwide Study of COVID-19 Risk and Severity The large study of 50,000 people aims to determine what causes disease severity and long-term impacts.


CSUPERB COVID-19 Research Recovery Microgrant Program

CSUPERB has a microgrant program (up to $1,500 per grant) for tenured/tenure-track CSU faculty who have suffered losses to their CSU based research projects as a direct result of the halting of research activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

CSUPERB open call for proposals.


COVID-19 Funding Opportunities

Quality of Life Grants Program - COVID 19
Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
Deadline - 03/16/21
Amount - Up to $50,000

Aging-Relevant Behavioral and Social Research on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
National Institute on Aging
Deadline - 05/08/23

NIDCR Support for Research on the Physiological Involvement of Oral Cavity in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research
Deadline - 05/08/23

Notice of Special Interest (NOSI) on Pan-Coronavirus Vaccine Development Program Projects
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Deadline - 6/11/21

Administrative Supplements for COVID-19 Impacted NIMH-funded Research
National Institute on Mental Health
Deadline - rolling through 6/1/23

SARS-COV-2, COVID-19 and Consequences of Alcohol Use (RO1 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19 and Consequences of Alcohol Use (R21 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Deadlines - 3/14/21 (letters of intent) 4/14/21 (proposals)

Effects of Smoking and Vaping on the Risk and Outcome of COVID-19 Infection
National Institutes of Health
Deadline - 09/08/24


COVID-19 Research

Working on a project related to COVID-19? Please let the Division of Research and Innovation know by emailing communications director Kellie Woodhouse at [email protected].

Research Repopulation and COVID-19 Updates
Last Updated 2/24/21