Information for judges and moderators

The 2019 Student Research Symposium will be held on Friday March 1, 2019 and Saturday March 2, 2019.

The judging is designed to identify winners for a President, Provost or Dean’s award.  Select award winners are sent to represent SDSU at the CSU state-wide competition.

We encourage faculty and staff to participate in the event as judges and/or moderators. The success of the SRS is realized when the entire SDSU campus community comes together for two days to demonstrate their commitment, investment, and enthusiasm. We expect over 500 students will participate and, as in the past, we will need at least 300 faculty, staff, and community members to judge. 

If you want to know what judging/moderating entails, please see the "Directions" and "Scoring" links below.

There are really three ways you can search for sessions to judge:

(1) If you want to know exactly what presentations are in each session, consult the online searchable schedule (it takes a minute to load, so just be patient).  It's new this year, so let me provide some additional tips:
  • Narrow the date by clicking on the square that says "Fri Mar 1" or "Sat Mar 2"
  • Then choose the track you are interested in browsing
  • Make sure you also check "Interdisciplinary," because there are some great sessions in there too!
  • Write down session numbers (in the title, a letter followed by two numbers) that you think might be of interest
  • Check to see which of those sessions still need judges on our sign up form (in the email you were sent).
(2) If you want to search by time and general topic, consult the overall schedule spreadsheet.
(3) If you just want to see what's available, go straight to the judge sign up form: when sessions are full, they are no longer displayed.
Directions for poster presentations and oral presentations.
Scoring categories.
Below is a list of our "frequent flyer" judges, based on data from 2014-2018. We are most appreciative of those who routinely volunteer to help support this wonderful event! Email Lisa Kath at [email protected] if you're interested to volunteer for SRS 2019.