Meet The Staff


Tim W. Timothy Hushen - Associate Executive Director, Research Advancement

Leading a team of professionals to advance the research goals and objectives of SDSU, Mr. Hushen works closely with faculty, VP for Research Dr. Steve Welter, and other colleagues to identify, develop, and implement opportunities for SDSU.


John John Crockett, Ph.D. - Sponsored Research Project Development & Management

Dr. Crockett focuses on creating and executing research programs that support our mission to promote university research and education. He plays an active role in education and research and is co-author on over 20 professional publications. Dr. Crockett is also the primary facilitator for the GREW workshops sponsored by SDSU’s Office of Graduate and Research Affairs. The Grants and Research Enterprise Writing (GREW) Fellowship is a 6-week course offered to around a dozen primarily junior faculty members each semester.


Tommy Edward “Tommy” Martindale, J.D. - Director Technology Transfer Office

In addition to heading the Technology Transfer Office, Mr. Martindale assists in the development of new programs and exploration of funding opportunities for SDSU faculty. He has developed and implemented protocols and assists the Zahn Incubator Director in working with faculty and student teams as we grow our expertise in having entrepreneurship on the campus. As Director of Technology Transfer Office, Mr. Martindale is responsible for the protection and commercialization of technologies developed at SDSU.